New Inspiration

》I’ve always been interested in writing. Its freeing, relieving pressures on the mind. In elementary school I took interest is writing styles thanks to Dr. Seuss. The wordplay he would use was simple but rhythmic, very catchy. Something about the rhyming factor caught my attention and getting older it expanded.

》I started to pick up Maya Angelou and Shakespeare around the 6th grade after I was introduced to the different styles of writing. From free verse to sonnet, from sonnets to haikus. What started out as a smoldering ember was fanned by gusts of passion, becoming a sacred flame to me.

》I’ve never really been good at verbally reading my writings to the public. When I think about why I never did an open mic or really put the effort in to publishing work, fear comes to mind. Fear of not being good enough or grabbing enough attention when reciting. But I could never give up the actual act of writing.

》So, it lead me here right to WordPress. Where a multitude of media outlets like Tech Crunch Disney, the New Yorker and CNN use the same basis as the everyday site/domain holder would. I began this blog as a way to grow my writing skills and have fun entertaining folks who take the time to read.

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