How I’ve Dealt with Loss

The Grief

Grief is heavy. Grief is crushing. Grief is a joy eating, everlasting dream ending plane where your heart wanders. Wondering why, why did this happen? What could’ve been done to change the outcome? Or would this just echo the movie Time Machine? If given the chance, no matter how you try to save that person, will they always pass away? Is it truly by design? And if so whats that design?

But, thats when your faith in God, Allah, Shiva, Buddha etc… Is supposed to guide you, never doubt “ye of little faith” It is so hard not to doubt when you’ve been cut, not physically but mentally and spiritually. If by design, why does your

N loved one have to die? Its a reason that will never get answered.

Acceptance and Adaptation

Dealing with grief is never easy and it may never stop. All one can do is invest that energy in to constructivness. Instead of wallowing in sorrow, build for tomorrow. Take the time to gather yourself. Cherish your loved ones memories. Dwell on the good, cling to the great. Remember the things that they’ve always tried to have ingrained in your heart. Live in their image, spread the same love they did, be a reflection of their teachings.

My mom passed away September 30, of 2014. I was crushed, i was hurt and I wanted to see the world crumble honestly. My mom was my best friend and seeing her pass on was just an explosion of emotions and because I couldn’t process them i just shut down. Seeing that in my face everyday I looked in the mirror or noticing how it affected the loved ones around me, I knew I had to change that.

Love Conquers All

Making the connections that I did when my mom was here, with the people she knew and the family I was lucky to be born with. Remembering how much love my mother had and was shown on her day of rest. Understanding that my mother would never want me to change the way I am and the amount of love lut into the world. I made it my objective to show, spread and give love to the world in the same way that she did.

If you’re reading this and this resonates with you, I hope that you’re able to have the opportunity to move past grief and continue to spread love and happiness throughout the world.

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