Going through life, being able to identify your own shortcomings will make you a better version of who your are now. You may have not had a choice in the road you’re on, but you are the driver on that road and there is always a path elsewhere. There is always room for improvement, but how do you improve without acknowledgement of your flaws? You can’t.

You have to hold yourself accountable because who else will? Your loved ones may point out your flaws, like friends and family. If you’re in a relationship, your significant other sees where you can improve after being with you for so long. Don’t take constructive criticism as a jab, use it as a buffer.

When it comes to ourselves, nobody knows us better, but us. We are the 1st ones to recognize our issues because we live in this body day in and day out. But, in that same sense we hate when a person can so easily identify one of those issues, and immediately attack. Is it because we are the only one’s allowed to identify where we fall short at? That’s egotistical, thats prideful. There’s nothing wrong with either, but you can have too much of both.

Be open to discussions, moreover; be open to discussions about your self-improvement.

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