Blockchain: What is it?

In recent years crypto currency has grasped the attention of millions looking to expand their monetary horizons. In the past few months, crypto currency has exploded. From the bullish bitcoin reach a peak of 60k per coin (Feb 19, 2021),… Read More ›

Remembering Hurricane Katrina

A Tragic Flashback 15 years ago survivors of hurricane Katrina began to get evacuated out of NOLA. Hurricane Katrina, one of the deadliest hurricanes to make landfall United States killed an estimated 1,900 people its wakes or intensified wind strength… Read More ›

The World After Covid-19

How we’ve adapted to living with Covid-19 Covid-19 has shaken our global societies to its core. With reports now saying intial contact with this virus may have began around this same time last year. We’ve had to adjust on so… Read More ›