How I’ve Dealt with Loss

The Grief Grief is heavy. Grief is crushing. Grief is a joy eating, everlasting dream ending plane where your heart wanders. Wondering why, why did this happen? What could’ve been done to change the outcome? Or would this just echo… Read More ›

The World After Covid-19

How we’ve adapted to living with Covid-19 Covid-19 has shaken our global societies to its core. With reports now saying intial contact with this virus may have began around this same time last year. We’ve had to adjust on so… Read More ›

New Inspiration

》I’ve always been interested in writing. Its freeing, relieving pressures on the mind. In elementary school I took interest is writing styles thanks to Dr. Seuss. The wordplay he would use was simple but rhythmic, very catchy. Something about the… Read More ›